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Structure of HumDrum

Formed in 1992, HumDrum consists of people from the Portsmouth region who were seeking an innovative, experimental theatre company in the local area.

HumDrum has three main aims: to bring under-performed works into the area; to present familiar works in a new or unusual manner and to develop the artistic skills of its members.

The members of HumDrum voted to adopt a formal structure in September 1999. This is based around an Executive Committee who are responsible for the artistic needs, group organisation and financial aspects of the company.

Each of the positions of the Executive Committee are filled following a vote by the company's members in April each year. Membership of HumDrum is subject to a nominal annual charge.

HumDrum will be looked after during 2022 by the following people:

Audience Development Sam Sampson
Director (Membership) James George
Director (Performance) Caz Gilmore
Fundraising Kerrie Davey and Kerri Jeffrey
Production Co-coordinator Karen Fisher
Secretary Sally Evans