Charley's Aunt

Wednesday 15th - Saturday 18th June at 7:30pm
Matinee on Saturday at 2:30pm
Tickets: £12

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HumDrum return to The Spring, with Brandon Thomas' ever-popular Victorian farce! Charley and Jack love Kitty and Amy but have the misfortune of being bound by Victorian moral values: they cannot meet without a chaperone. When Charley's millionaire Brazilian aunt, Donna Lucia, plans to visit, they realise she will make perfect chaperone material and a meeting is arranged... and then Donna Lucia puts back the date of her arrival.

So what would any sensible Oxford undergraduates do in these circumstancces? Exactly! Get your pal to dress up as the missing, middle-aged, Brazilian millionairess and act the chaperone.

Flawless plan. Bound to work. Can't go wrong. Can it?