Cider with Rosie

“...and there with a sense of bewilderment and terror my life in the village began”.

It is 1917. The Great War - the “war to end all wars” - is nearing its end. Far from the noise of battle, in the melting, still, West Country summer, three-year old Laurie Lee arrives in the village of Slad with his mother and the rest of his family - and thus begins his classic biographical story of childhood; from naive youth to his seduction by Rosie Burdock under the hay-wagon.

Written by James Roose-Evans for the Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, HumDrum are pleased to present this warm, gentle, funny and faithful adaptation of Lee’s 1959 prose-poem.

Performed with minimum set and live music accompaniment, this theatrically-intelligent and creative production will evoke memories of childhood, youth, laughter and the loss of innocence.