Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick

In 1964 a fifty-one year old man meets a twenty-seven year old woman at work.

He immediately fancies her. She's young, buxom, blonde, pretty.

And about to get married...

And, anyway, she's never likely to be interested in an older bloke with a bit of a reputation for womanising and gambling.

Is she?

Over the years, as they work together, the two get to know each other; grow closer; become friends. Eventually she gives in. She promises him one night of lust in Brighton. Just a night. Just to get it out of his system.

He takes her up on her offer and then begins one of the most well-known secret affairs of the twentieth century.

Because he was Sid James.

And she was Barbara Windsor.

HumDrum return to The Spring with Terry Johnson's 1998 sharp, biographical play that follows the affair to its conclusion. Focussing on the events during the making of four Carry On films, it is funny, touching and ultimately tragically sad as the lives of these icons of British comedy are put under the theatrical microscope.