Ghost Stories

Wednesday 20th - Saturday 23rd October at 7:30pm
Tickets: £10

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HumDrum return to The Spring this October with a selection of Victorian and Edwardian ghost-stories...

As Autumn dies and Winter's born
Come forth the dark and silence, torn
Asunder by the screams
That shred your sleep
And stay your dreams.

For through the night the dead come seeking
(Flesh dissolving, breath a-reeking)
Fresh companions to draw near,
Their tales of terror for to hear.

Will you be one who's brave indeed
And listen to their tales and heed
The warnings on their ghostly breath?
Or is it you who sits unknowing
As the fire ebbs, embers glowing,
Dark around you, shadows growing,
Mouth agape and pale skin glowing,
Staring at the face of Death..?