The Jungle Book

"...everything I ever knew or heard or dreamed about the Indian jungle..." was how Rudyard Kipling described The Jungle Book.

Written in 1894, Kipling's fables teach moral lessons through stories that entertain and thrill and that have survived, now, for more than a century.

Mowgli - the man-cub - is stolen from his family by the tiger, Shere Khan. Raised by a wolf-pack in the jungle and guided through life by Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther eventually, surviving all that life can throw at him, Mowgli grows to be a man - the Lord of the Jungle.

Multi-award-winning HumDrum return to Havant Arts Centre with Stuart Paterson's masterful adaptation of Kipling's classic. Going further into the stories than the classic Disney cartoon, Paterson's adaptation is truer to the spirit and the language of the original.

Vast and magical, full of loss and love and rage, Kipling's jungle of the imagination is the perfect inspirational show for the Christmas season.