Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off

“Once upon a time, there were twa queens on the wan green island, and the wan green island was split inty twa kingdoms.

But no equal kingdoms . . .”

Mary, Queen of Scots and her cousin Elizabeth I of England have much in common - but more that sets them apart.

Returning from France to Scotland after the death of her husband, the Dauphin, Mary finds herself Queen of a country she neither knows nor understands. When she re-marries and gives birth to a son - a child with a strong claim to the thrones of both Scotland and England - her English cousin moves to take the only steps she can to protect her throne.

Soon the stage is set for a bloody endgame.

One winner.

One queen.

One green island.

HumDrum return to The Spring with Liz Lochhead’s ‘feisty, fast-moving, peppered with wit and cheek’ modern Scottish classic, Mary Queen of Scots Got her Head Chopped Off.