Our Town


Somewhere in the space between places and in the time between seconds lies Grovers Corners, New Hampshire…

Every action which has ever taken place – every thought, every emotion – has taken place only once, at one moment in time and space. ‘I love you’, ‘I rejoice’, ‘I suffer’, have been said and felt many millions of times but never twice the same.

Thornton Wilder’s twentieth century classic – his ‘…attempt to find a value above all price for the smallest events in our daily life…’ - is given here in a new production by HumDrum AmDram, making their fourth visit to Havant Arts Active. Peeling the layers of life from a small New England town over a twelve year period, Wilder uses broad, vivid brush-strokes to create an intimate portrait of birth, life and death – the situations we must each and every one of us inevitably face.

Somewhere in your heart lies Grovers Corners, New Hampshire…