by Alan Bennett

What do you do when the decrepit stately home you're living in is beyond repair and beyond a joke, your finances won't run to having the repairs done and the decent, worthy but excruciatingly dull National Trust have their collective beady eye on your property?

Dorothy Stacpoole and her faithful live-in companion, Iris, have ideas - including leasing the place to a film-company, while Dorothy's treacherous sister, June, is more in favour of the National Trust option. To add to the bedlam, the film-company, when they arrive, are just a little more... adult... than expected.

Alan Bennett's 2012 play is HumDrum's fourth venture into this most English of playwright's work (The Madness of King George, Talking Heads, Habeas Corpus) and People is just as quirky, biting, insightful and laugh-out-loud funny as you'd expect.