Richard III


England basks in the warmth of Summer, secure for the first time in years from the threat of civil war…The population content…The political world stable…The paragon of mediaeval Europe standing at the forefront of its age…

But somewhere in the darkness lurks the twisted figure of a man who wants the crown of England to himself and will stop at nothing to get it…

William Shakespeare's Richard III is both political thriller and black comedy. Based on the writings of Sir Thomas More, the play stands out as a piece of Tudor propaganda, but modern research shows that, perhaps, while not the maligned creature portrayed by Moore and Shakespeare, Richard was not as innocent as more recent thought had considered.

Presenting this play as a joint venture are Portsmouth's two foremost theatre companies, the Southsea Shakespeare Actors and HumDrum AmDram. The cast of actors, drawn from both companies, are bringing their differing theatrical experiences to the production, and are creating an exciting, vibrant and - most importantly - accessible performance of Shakespeare's darkest history play.