Voices After 9/11

Time stops.

Every now and again, time stops.

Moments lock themselves in our memories; images, sounds, smells. Dates becomes more that a string of numbers; they become something tangible, something almost alive in their own right.

7 December 1941.

22 November 1963.

11 September 2001.

An unbelievable ten years on from the attacks on both the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, HumDrum return to The Spring with Lavonne Mueller's acclaimed performance piece, Voices After 9/11.

Based on interviews with survivors and eye-witnesses, Mueller's piece investigates the effects - both short and long-term - of the Al Quaeda action against America. Through monologue and song the pains, fears and anxieties of the American people are investigated and explored.

And the resolve and inspiration of that people declared.