The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

A theatre company, somewhat sparse in dignity,
In fair Havant where we lay our scene,
Brings forth a tasty morsel for your scrutiny.
The Bard! Abridged! Full-blooded and not mean!
From forth the fatal loins of three young* men
All thirty-something of Will's plays will issue;
Some mighty words, some epic deeds and then
Some laughs, some tears (you'd better bring a tissue).
The mighty sound of Shakespeare's words a-drumming,
With all the power of his great wit, God save,
Will - hope of hopes! - drown out yon distant thrumming
(The sound of Will a-whirling in his grave)...

Oh, yes... HumDrum are back!

Never content to rest on their laurels they've decided to tackle - well - every play Shakespeare ever wrote in the course of just one evening!

This award winning-company are, verily, cock-a-hoop to be given this opportunity to bring culture to the masses. So come! Be entertained and educated!

Shakespeare and HumDrum? That's gotta be good.

Hasn't it?

*HumDrum takes no responsibility for the accuracy (or otherwise) of this adjective.