Stepping Out


This hilarious British comedy is about nine women and one man trying to conquer their inhibitions and an over-abundance of left feet in a church hall dance studio in North London. An ex-professional dancer dedicates herself to teaching her tap class the hat and cane routine for an upcoming benefit recital over several months with wonderfully funny and touching results.

During the course of the play, the characters get to grips with life, love and loss; suffer triumph and despair, all whilst attempting to master the seemingly impossible shuffle-hop-tap-step! They have just a few rehearsals to acquire the skills to perform at a charity concert. Can Sylvia work out right from left in time? Will Rose’s hair look all right on the night? Surely Maxine will get the hats sorted soon? And will Vera abandon her Marigolds and bleach for the bright lights? Come and see whether they fail and fall prey to two left feet or whether they succeed and gain fame and fortune (well, a bit of applause, anyway).