Straight from Broadway this is one of the first times it has ever been performed in the UK.

It is a musical about the collision of man; compromise, compliance, greed, speed, visibility and ice. In a tragedy so avoidable, the fact that it occurred remains mind-boggling, heart-breaking and the stuff of legend.

Rich and poor, young and old, they came from the four corners of the earth to board the modern wonder of the world. The jewelled and the jaded, the aesthetes and the athletes, the maids and the millionaires, the anonymous and the infamous, the down-at-heel and the upper crust, all of them destined for a landmark crossing.

They travelled faster than man had ever travelled before, from one continent to another, surrounded by such opulence as to make Versailles blush, spurred by a tycoon determined to break the record for speed, captained by a trusted veteran of the high seas.

Every one of them hoped they were bound not just for America, but for history.