By Steven Berkoff

Multi award winning local theatre company HumDrum explode onto the stage with a play about the courage to live your life according to your spirit and the demons we must all defeat.

In an innovative fusing of music, light, shape and words HumDrum's interpretation of Berkoff's powerful, stylistic play about rival gangs and love in urban London will dazzle the senses as well as the mind.

West is about courage, the courage to live according to your spirit, and not the guidelines laid down for you by others, to be true to yourself which may involve alienating others, but your truth is worth pursuing since it defines who you are.

Like Berkoff's plays East and Greek before it West (1983) shares the same atmosphere of poetic violence and excitement, but it’s also a play about peer groups, struggling family relationships and love. Mike’s life is an escape from his family - his overbearing father and his submissive mother. His sense of worth comes from being the leader of a gang and being desired by his girlfriend Sylv - they come to define who and what he is, much to his parent’s dismay, who just want him to lead a “normal” life. When a new gang leader Curly “The Hoxton Monster” appears threatening the status quo, Mike realises that he wants more than the life he has, but that he cannot have it until they are free of this oppressive force wanting to subjugate them (and him) and prevent him from finding freedom and discovering who this man is that he is growing into.